Commercial Building Fire in Yeadon

Tuesday, August 11, 2015  At approximately 4:50 hours, Engine 24 made the response to the 1100 Block of Chester Dr (Yeadon Borough) for the commercial building fire. Engine 16 arrived and reported a 1 story commercial building with smoke showing from the roof. Engine 24 arrived as the 3rd In Engine, laid a supply line, and backed up Engine 16 with the 200’ attack line. Fire was contained to the first floor. Searches for fire extension and victims yielded negative results.



Dwelling Fire in Lansdowne Borough

Tuesday, July 28, 2015  On 7/28, at approximately 12:50 Hrs, East Lansdowne was dispatched to a house fire in the Unit Block of Union Ave, Lansdowne Borough. Upon arrival, Engine 24 reported a 2 story twin dwelling, with smoke showing from the A/D sides. Engine 24 deployed the 200’ rear attack line, and was met by fire in the dining room. The fire was quickly extinguished and held to the first floor. All searched for victims and fire extension proved negative. Engine 24 returned to service after 3 hours.
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2nd Alarm in Upper Darby

Monday, July 6, 2015 

On 7/6, at approximately 17:46 Hrs, Company 24 was dispatched on the 2nd Alarm assignment, to a commercial building fire located at 70 S. 69th Street, Upper Darby Township. Upper Darby 9 (Chief Cubler), was on location with the Township Companies, who reported a 2 story middle of the row Payless shoe store, with heavy fire conditions throughout. Engine 24 arrived on scene in the rear sector on Richfield Rd, and led off with a wyed 3” portable monitor. Engine 24 secured 2 hyd... [ more ]



House Fire in East Lansdowne

Sunday, June 28, 2015  On 6/28, at approximately 14:30 Hrs, Company 24 was dispatched for building fire in the 200 Blk of Hirst Ave (East Lansdowne). Engine 16 arrived with nothing showing initially, then reported smoke in the 1st floor. Engine 24 arrived and provided an attack line to the basement, while Engine 16 held the 1st floor. Crews found fire in a pipe chase which was beginning to spread between floors. Crews opened up and extinguished all fire in approximately 25 minutes. The cause of the fire is still ... [ more ]



1st Due Basment Fire

Thursday, June 18, 2015  On 6/18, at approximately 19:22 Hrs, Company 24 was dispatched for building fire in the 200 Blk of Penn Boulevard (East Lansdowne). Engine 24 made the response, and upon arrival had smoke showing from the “Charlie” side basement door. Engine 24 deployed the 200’ attack line to the basement while Truck 19 forced entry. Engine 16 arrived and pulled a back-up line to the 1st floor, while the drive prepared to reverse lay from the scene. Crews found and extinguished a dryer on fire with m... [ more ]



2 Alram Apartment Fire in Lansdowne

Thursday, June 11, 2015  On 6/11, at approximately 19:00 Hrs, Engine 24 was dispatched with Company 19 & 16, to 58. N. Lansdowne Avenue (Lansdowne Borough) for an automatic fire alarm. Engine 24 was around the corner at Station 19 and made the response seconds later. Engine 24 arrived to find heavy fire showing from the basement of a 4 story occupied, “U” shaped apartment building. Engine 24 immediately deployed the 250’ attack line to the basement via a side door. Engine 19 arrived and laid an additional... [ more ]



Pizza Shop Fire

Friday, May 1, 2015 

On 5/1, at approximately 3 p.m., the company was dispatched to the 600 block of Cedar Ave (Yeadon) for a commercial building fire. Engine 24 made the response with 4 FF’s and arrived to find light smoke showing from a 1 story pizza shop. A grease fire was located in the rear and contained by the kitchen suppression system. Crews checked for hot spots and performed ventilation. Companies remained in service for 50 minutes. No injuries were reported.

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Small Fire in Yeadon

Thursday, April 9, 2015 

On 4/9, at approximately 07:29 am, the assignment was dispatched to the 900 Block of Church Ln, (Yeadon) for a house fire. Engine 4 (Darby) arrived to find a 2 story single family dwelling, with smoke on both floors. Engine 24 arrived and assisted Engine 4 with extinguishing fire between both floors. Crews worked for oven an hour hitting hot spots and performing overhaul. No injuries were reported.




Kitchen Fire in Yeadon

Wednesday, April 8, 2015  On 4/8, at approximately 12:04 pm, Engine 24 responded to the 1300 Block of Angora, (Yeadon Borough) for a dwelling fire. Engine 24 arrived to find a 2 story single family with smoke showing from the Bravo side. Engine 24 stretched the 250’ to the 1st floor, and found a kitchen fire. Engine 24 made quick work of the fire, checked for extension, and ventilated. Crews remained on scene for approximately 1 hour. No injuries were reported.



Funeral for Local Firefighter and Police Officer

Saturday, April 4, 2015  On 4/4, 8 members from East Lansdowne joined hundreds of first responders from throughout the region, as we laid to rest a fellow firefighter and police officer. Mark Hudson, 26, passed away on March 28th at his home in Glenolden. Mark was a long time volunteer firefighter with the Yeadon Fire Company, and worked full time as a Police Officer in Darby Borough. Mark was an all around great friend, firefighter, and police officer, and will be truly missed by many.



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